It’s not the Indian, It’s the arrow.

It’s not the Indian, It’s the arrow.

Story of the Tasty Rackets

Padel was originated in Mexico in 1969. However like any other sports in Mexico, it really didn’t fly off. I know for a fact that it’s really hard to fight between the temptation of tacos and fast feet on court. So for that or some other reasons, the Argentinians and Spanish started to develop this racket sport towards it’s current status as the fastest growing sport in the world.  

You often see players looking at their racket when they missed a shot or didn’t hit clean. The gaze reminds me of the look you give to a kid or a dog before they take something from the table, that can either cause danger, cost money or dry cleaning the carpet. But not once have I seen anyone looking their racket after kick smashing the ball out or slicing it into the turf. We in Tasty have a saying. It’s always the indian, not the arrow. But let’s say a good racket helps.

Back to the past. The rackets used to be very different from what they are today. Before 90’s you played with an entirely wooden racket, which thickness was closer to a ping pong racket, around one centimetre. This took a lot more strength and durability from your elbow. Before the change of millennia they started to replace the wood with EVA rubber to have smoother touch and less vibration. During the 21st century, the thickness has grown to 38 millimetres and the most used materials are carbon and fiberglass. These materials withstand more impacts. The core of the racket is still softer, usually made of FOAM or EVA rubber. 

The story of Tasty started with the rackets. Our Azteca Indian Gabo couldn’t find the perfect arrow, so he decided to start make his own. Many brands produce their rackets inside huge factories in China or Pakistan. To be different, you have to do something different. Since we value sustainability and quality, we opened our racket factory in Spain and our racket maker is more of an artisan artist. Every single racket is hand made with care and passion for the sport. The racket is a mix of carbon and fiberglass and inside you can find soft black EVA rubber and the soul of Tasty. 

Even though we haven’t found a better arrow for ourselves we want you to remember that’s never the axe, it’s always the Viking. The technology behind the rackets is just getting started and it will be interesting to see what happens if the engineering behind the scenes goes like in other equipment sports such as golf or tennis. Meanwhile what we need to focus on is putting the ball in and not breaking your dearest weapon in any case.